Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's been a busy 2 weeks!!

I had an appointment with a general surgeon on the 6th and had my gallbladder removed laparoscopically on the 7th.  It took almost eight months to discover the problem, after numerous medical tests.  I now know I have no cardiac artery blockages; an extra spleen, a fatty liver and apparently no other unusual findings in my abdomen.  I was concerned about having the surgery right before the semester begins, but I just felt it was the right thing to do--gotta love the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  I've had an uneventful recovery and was told that my gallbladder was inflamed--a good thing it was removed when it was--could have become infected or burst.  Feeling much better and a couple of people (nurses) have commented that I look better.  Felt well enough to attend the Winter Bible Study at church, beginning two days after the surgery. 
We covered the book of Galatians in 6 lessons during the Winter Bible Study.  Learned that Paul had to defend himself vigorously against his detractors in most of his letters.  And that he probably was a practicing Jewish Christian (kept the feasts, etc), but was not legalistic about the Jewish laws.  He certainly did not want the Gentile Christians to be subject to the Jewish customs (the point of the Letter to the Galatians).  He had Timothy be circumcised to increase Timothy's acceptance by Jews to whom they were preaching, because Timothy had a Jewish mother and a Gentile father.  Enjoyed eating at church each evening before the Study--met a lot of people.
Tasha is healing well.  Will try to upload picture.  She had to wear the e-collar longer than we wanted because she wouldn't leave the area alone.
Had a fun day with my friend yesterday.  We made our own version of portable scrap bags.  It is a fabric cylinder with a small embroidery hoop inside the top and faric covered cardboard circle inside the bottom.  You twist the middle and the hoop fits around the cardboard circle to make a compact package to tuck in with your quilting supplies for classes.  We also had a fabulous lunch and snacks.  Good visit with my friend's mom and met my friend's daughter at lunch.  Just what I needed before the semester begins.  My friend and I both have Christmas quilt blocks that we won in block lotteries and plan on working on turning the blocks into quilts. And we both joined an embroidered ornament of the month club.

Many blessings,

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