Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Life sometimes gets in the way of the best-laid plans.  I had prepared today’s post yesterday; since I knew I would work last night.  Except. . .Tasha developed a large “hot spot” (pyotraumatic dermatitis) on her left hip.  We noticed it yesterday and began trying to treat it ourselves.  We couldn’t really keep her from worrying it, even by watching her and giving her a dried trachea to chew, so this afternoon when I woke up; off to the emergency vet we go.  Thankfully, they are very close and have dealt with Tasha before.  They got us in quickly and then had to sedate her to shave and treat the area, and it was suggested we go have a cup of coffee.  We went to a nearby Braum’s.  Apparently, Braum’s is remodeling all their stores and this one is a mess.  The manager on duty apologized for the disarray and lack of lids for the coffee cups.  When we returned to the vet, they recommended getting an E-collar from PetSmart.  I had looked online at PetSmart’s E-collars yesterday and the reviews weren’t favorable for use with a big dog, so I asked if we could get one from the vet.  They fitted one to her and she looks so sad.  She is adjusting to it, after running into all the furniture, cabinets and walls.  We had to put her water and food bowls on the floor, on a bathmat, so she could get to them.  She was a wild woman for awhile, but “ya gotta do what ya gotta do.”  She’s getting better at judging distances with the E-collar and we are “ignoring” her so we don’t reinforce unwanted behavior.  She’s calming down.  I will try to post pictures of her in the E-collar and of her shaved hip.  Poor babu.  She can’t have oral cortisone since it stimulates her incontinence problem.  She has an oral antibiotic and a combination antibiotic/cortisone spray.  She was incontinent once yesterday from licking the OTC cortisone ointment off the hot spot.  We had forgotten what oral cortisone does to her, even though we tried to distract her from licking it.  Happy New Year!!!!

On to the prepared post, with some revisions.

What are your 2011 New Year’s resolutions? 

Are New Year’s resolutions even necessary, if you are always striving for positive personal growth? 

I am not planning any resolutions for this year, just continuing toward the goals already in place.  I try to:

read my Bible and various devotions most days.  I have an ongoing Bible reading plan and usually have prayer book(s) and lists, devotion(s) and ongoing spiritual disciplines also.

pray without ceasing. 

listen to and obey God.

have an attitude of gratitude.

treat everyone with kindness and compassion. 

be an encourager.

be generous with my time, money, gifts/talents and effort.

be creative.

read widely.

be self-sufficient (i.e., able to survive—heirloom vege garden, chickens, etc.).

be organized.

diet and exercise, both of which are derailed due to minor health issues.  I do walk fairly constantly/engage in physical labor with my nursing/teaching and I do try to eat healthy and local. 

This is not an exhaustive list.  You get the idea.

Not that I succeed in achieving these goals all the time, or even most of the time.  These goals reflect the core value of love—for God, others and self—powered by the Holy Spirit.  I try to achieve excellence instead of perfection, because only Jesus was perfect. 

Do you have ongoing goals for positive personal growth?  What helps you stay on track?  I am very grateful for the Holy Spirit as my Helper, since He is the One working in me (Phil. 1:6) to bring to completion God’s Work in me.  I couldn’t think of trying to achieve, much less excel, in any of these in my own power.

Think about your New Year’s resolution as continuing on with any positive personal growth goals already in place.

Speaking of eating healthy, I just discovered resources for local and healthy food information in Oklahoma, through the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture website, under the Local/Community tab.

I especially like the Buy Fresh, Buy Local page, where you can find information on purchasing locally produced foods.

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