Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tasha Update, 2011 Projects, Bag of Stuff

Tasha's hip is much improved today--see pix at end of post.  She is adjustig to the E-collar, but is not happy about it.  She paced and whined all night.  She is a very smart dog and can get to her food, water and most importantly, her ice cubes.  She can lie down.  But she chooses to be upset, so we just leave her be.

I plan to organize today for the projects I want to complete this year.  I am part of a Yahoo Crazy Quilting group (crazyquilting) and one of the members (Cathy Kizerian) posed a challenge (A CQ by 2-0-1-2) to complete a big crazy quilt by 2012. I have the supplies gathered and I need to get started.  More on that project later.  Another project is a set of felt 12 Days of Christmas ornaments.  I have ideas for items to sell through the Oklahoma Food Coop, etsy, maybe in a booth at a craft/antique mall and I want to get that organized.

My stepmother gave me a bag of family items and I went through it yesterday.  I have items for several people in my family.  They will have surprises in the mail this week.  I discovered a couple of baggies of newspaper clippings that one of my ancestors enjoyed collecting.  It contains poems, a couple of quilt block ideas, some recipes, some historical items.  I have an old cigar box of letters from the early 1900s with some unused postcards in it.  Many items have stamps still in good condition.


overview of area

first day

second day


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