Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Yesterday was one busy day.  Ran errands, grocery shopping (remind me not to grocery shop close to the first of the month), ate out at Flat Tire Burgers in Edmond.  They make great burgers, sandwiches and coneys.  I love their homemade potato chips, some of which came home with me.

I worked on the President's Block for a previous president of one the local quilt guilds.  She just asked that we make her a block, no other specifications, so I made a CQ block.  Worked on the tree patch (finished) last night and the (modified) paisley motif.  Almost done and hope to get it to her next week.

I think I will use BDE for the flowers of the month on my challenge crazy quilt instead of silk ribbon.  I can't find many of the patterns needed and discovered there are new BDE stitches that I want to learn while searching for patterns.  Since there is no actual BDE group in Oklahoma, I decided to join an online group.  I think I "chose" the right one, as it seems to be active and informative.  I am so grateful when the Holy Spirit leads me when I don't know what to do.  I got muslin for the foundation and have begun drafting a diamond pattern for the block.  Thinking about how I want to do the center oval applique that will feature the embroidered flower.

Found some Christmas hanky fabric on sale and bought the last of the bolt, when I was at the fabric store looking for the muslin.  I love coupons and sales, especially when you can combine the two.  May use the "hankies" on the Chrismas stocking challenge for the COQG Quit Show.  Keeping the idea for that to myself.  Also found supplies for some of the Christmas ornaments and boot purses that I want to make to sell.  Have five pairs of boots that I got at a Master Gardener garage sale last year that I plan to use for the purses.  Also in that bunch of boots were a pair of boots in good condition for my dh, my ds and myself.  Not a bad deal for a dollar a pair.

Got another foot for my Bernina, since I had a coupon.  I have about half the feet made for it.  I think I have all the really "important" ones.

Today, I am cooking several meals.  Bought a whole chicken to cup up and use for two different recipes.  Moroccan Chicken and Chicken Cacciatore.    Will make several meals, a couple to eat and a couple to freeze.  And homemade oatmeal cookies.  I like them for breakfast and some to take to the Master Gardener meeting tomorrow. 

This year I will only be an Associate Master Gardener, since I can't keep up with the volunteer requirements (20 hours/year).  It doesn't really change anything for me, since I usually can't go on the trips/tours and always forget to use my discount card at TLC.  It does relieve me from having to keep up with the education requirement and attending most of the meetings.  I usually read a lot about gardening and the education requirement is not a problem. 

I am wanting to cook healthier.  I got some silken tofu (firm and soft) to use in recipes.  I substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream when needed.

Tasha has gotten used to her E-collar and her hot spots are healing.  We will probably be able to remove the collar soon.  Tasha uses the collar to "bump" us and as a tool to scoop with.


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