Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Up to the blizzard

I thought a blizzard meant white-out conditions.  Apparently, it is just lots of snow and extreme wind gusts.  Interfering with life should be another criteria for a blizzard.  Does make for a beautiful landscape.  I never saw the chickens outside their hutch, though I did see Doodle the rooster looking out the door.  Our worms are happy in their stacked bins in the garage, under a canvas tarp.
Clinicals have begun.  The psych and med-surg clinicals went well last week, but the impending blizzard cut into OB clinical on Monday.  At least the OB students got a good experience, because women were coming in early for inductions and new moms were trying to be discharged before the blizzard hit.  The floors were very busy.  I love teaching, especially when it's different every clinical. 
Got to stay home today with Steele.  We had to move the old freezer out of the utility room and move our extra frig back in place.  Our new, bigger freezer was delivered early yesterday morning, right as I was getting home from working 3rd shift on pediatric rehab.  Thank the Lord, we didn't lose much when the old freezer went on the blink.  God is Good.
Speaking of which, our son and his family are looking at churches, now that he is not working on the weekend.  They heard about a small fellowship and attended last Sunday.  Mr. "I-don't-want-to-get-involved" has already noted the church needs his expertise in sound. 
We are involved in a Sunday evening class about the book, UnChristian, by Kinnaman & Lyons.  The book is based on polls of what others think of Christians.  It seems very negative, but one of the authors just came out with a "sequel" called The Next Christians.  I think if the church (i.e.; people) truly raised children with a Christian worldview, discipled new Christians and practiced spiritual disciplines, then others would see the Fruit of the Spirit in us.  Plus, when the church is not meeting the needs of the members, The Holy Spirit guides people to start new movements (i.e.; The Jesus Movement, the charismatic churches, mega-churches, etc.).  I wonder how God will move to reach the world today with The Good News.

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